Top 5 Casino War Tips to Help You Win Big

Casino War is perhaps the easiest card game available at a Casino to play. In a game of Casino War, a number of decks of cards are laid out on the table. The deck is then dealt one card at a time to each of the players in the game. Once all of the cards are being dealt, you now have three possible scenarios:

casino war tips

You have a “low house edge” card – your original bet. This means that it is cheaper to play with this deck than other decks of cards. Since casino war tips tell us that we should play with the original bet, this is a great advantage for you. Note that you will not get as many extra cards (from the three decks dealt) when you make a call because there aren’t that many decks left to be dealt.

You have an “out of the box” hand – this hand includes an Ace, Queen, King, Jack and Deuce. This hand is considered very strong and can often create an advantage over the other two players. Of course, there are other casino war tips and strategies that can help you make your strong hands even stronger. One of the best ways to increase your chance of winning a hand is to put together some “extra bet” types of bets such as a single pair, a three-card draw, or a full house.

Your two Aces are very valuable – your two aces are considered to be extremely valuable because it is the only two Aces allowed in a straight up table. Note that a “low house edge” card has two Aces and therefore, will cost more to bet on than a high house edge card. If you know your opponent is holding an Ace with two Aces, or you suspect they might be holding an Ace, you can bet the same amount you would bet if you had an Ace and two Queens or Kings. This is considered to be a strong casino tip as well because there is still the possibility that you could miss.

The dealer will make a lot of calls – remember that when playing casino war online, you always have the option to walk away from the table at any time, without having to pay the winnings. However, some dealers do not call just because you leave the table, so always be alert and aware of how many calls a dealer is making. Some players like to bet with a dealer who calls constantly, but you should play casino war online with a dealer who calls when he/she needs to, and not when you want him/her to. Of course, if you want to play casino war online and win big, you should not let the casino bosses tell you what to bet. You should always make your own decisions based on solid information from inside of the casino.

Never, ever surrender – this is one of the most important of all war gaming tips. When you are down to a certain amount of chips, and you have an ace or two on the hand, sometimes it is tempting to throw away your chips and surrender. However, the temptation to surrender is greater than the potential benefit of a win, and you will likely end up either having your chips returned to you, or having to play another round. If you are going to play casino war online, you need to keep in mind that you only play until you have no more chips than you have spent, and then you need to call a surrender.